High Quality Advertising
At 1-800-CashOffer, we believe it is critical that all marketing components be high quality. There are many "we buy houses" type companies out there running TV spots that look like a used car dealer put them together. Home owners are making a very large financial transaction, and want to work with a reputable company they can trust. Does your marketing convey that?

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1-800-CashOffer is a professional real estate investment system that is currently available on a limited basis in your market. Experienced investors that qualify for the 1-800-CashOffer system will enjoy the best brand in the industry and access to a wide range of services and benefits.

Key Benefits
Professional High-Quality Marketing
Car Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Business cards and more
The power and discounts of national media buying
Constant evaluation of marketing quality

Participation in the 1-800-CashOffer program identifies you as a Certified Professional Homebuyer - one of an elite team of investment professionals that are the best at what they do. And the experts at 1-800-CashOffer are dedicated to helping you reach new levels of success while maintaining ethics and integrity.